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eCommerce is more than selling goods online. It is selling your products or services across multiple touch points with your customers. Interacting with your customer takes place online, at a store, mobile phone, customer support, marketing, search and social platforms.

To be successful, you need to understand this and have a cohesive strategy across the organization that marries technology, business processes and customer engagement. More importanty, you need to have the right eCommerce platform that helps aggregate data and provide a cleard picture of how customers use your site, what products are successful and provide a seameless user experience.

It’s all about a customer's experience. If you can create great experiences for your customers, you will succeed.


Customer interactions take place across a number of processes and interactions, from brick and mortar to marketing and everything in between.

Customers demand a great experience whenever they interact with a company. They require up to date information on their orders and returns, as well as online applications (mobile and web) that are intuitive and easy to understand.

Companies need to be consistently great across all their customer interactions. The customer experience covers a number of areas: Website, Kiosk, POS, Call Center, Social Media, Stores, Online Chat & Mobile Phone


eCommerce platforms are critical to the success or your eCommerce iniative. You need a platform that can scale and grow with your company's needs without braking the bank.

But which platform is best for your company? Do you know how to evaluate eCommerce platforms to ensure you select the reight platform for your company? Do you have the techncial expertise to implement your platform?

Let our eCommerce experts help you determine the best platform for your organization.


Successful Digital Commerce requires the integration of technology, process and people. The right tools and technologies need to be implemented to provide the right information at the right time to the right people. It also needs to eliminate manual processes and make the jobs of your employees easier.

Business processes need to be reviewed to make sure they are not inefficient. The last thing you want to do as a company is expose your inefficient business processes to your customers.

Finally, your people need to understand the processes and technologies so they can service your customers, generate new customers and enhance your brand. To successfully accomplish this, you need a great team ad more importantly, a great business strategy. That’s where Full On Consulting can help. Our team of technology and business experts can work with your team to understand the customer experience, identify broken business processes and implement a solid technology platform that will not only make your job easier, but give you a wholeistic view of your customer.


Our experienced consultants will work with your teams to better understand your current challenges, objectives and vision. We take this information, analyze it and define a plan that is tailored for the needs of your company, not a cookie cutter approach.



You need to have the right eCommerce platform to support your future needs. Our team works with yours to understand your requirements, define vendor scoring, lead the selection process, review the SOW and bring the vendor on board.


You won't be able to measure your progress nor address your customers without information. You need a complete 360 degree view of your customers so you know how to better serve them. Our technology and data experts will work with you to define a technology platform that fits your needs.


When you need an outside opinion to assess your ecommerce strategy or initiative, to help ensure you are on the right track or need to take corrective steps to get back on track.


When you need additional people to round out your team, we can help. Our technical and business experts or project leaders can provide just boost you need to successfully deliver your project. We have delivered a number of projects and our ultimate focus is your success.


You need to have the right eCommerce platform to support your future needs. Our team works with yours to understand your requirements, define vendor scoring, lead the selection process, review the SOW and bring the vendor on board.


Package implementations can be complex because they impact the entire organization. Our team of technical experts, functional analysts and project managers work with your teams to map out a plan and timeline to successfully implement your solution.


It's all about Customer Experience. Does your company provide the best experience for your customers across all your processes and touch points? Our CX experts will work with your team to understand your customers and define a strategy to better serve your customers.


Have a complex program that requires someone with proven leadership? We can help. Our program managers are ready to deliver.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Oracle ATG
SAP Hybris


Success Plan

We invest in your success. Our unique approach of developing a success plan for every engagement ensures you will succeed before you start.

Our People

We provide our clients with proven, talented consultants who know what it takes to successfully deliver. Our people are what sets us apart.

Save Time & Money

When you have the right people using proven processes the results are what you expect.

Trust & Integrity

A TRUSTED PARTNER always does whats in the best interest of their clients. We focus on building long term relationships which are based on trust and integrity.

Proven Results

Your success is our success. It is our mission to ensure your success. That's why our unique and proven approach has delivered successful results for over 30 years.


Our partnerships with leading technology companies allow us early access to new technology and provide visibility and access for our clients.


We Helped Our Client Save $40M

A national food & beverage distributor and manufacturer had not invested in IT for over 12 years.

To become more competitive, they adopted a new growth strategy of 40% growth in 4 years.

There was one component that the executives and CFO did not feel was needed.

See how we demonstrated the value and risk, which ulitmately saved them $40M and their reputation with their customers.

Full On Consulting Saves Client $40M
Full On Consulting Saves Client $40M

Helping a Private Equity Firm Ensure their Multi-Million $ Investment

A leading private equity firm was looking to make a substantial investment in a tech startup company. This company developed a ground-breaking video surveillance platform that integrated video with transactional and Point of Sale (POS) Data. The firm was looking for a technology partner to ensure they were making a sound investment.

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