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ServiceNow Project

ServiceNow Project

ServiceNow Project

Helping a $16B company mitigate security risks and position them for the future.


The IT Organization for a $16B automotive products company was experiencing a high volume of business outages due to IT system failures.

Due the the M&A activity over the years, the IT organization had little understanding of the age of their applictions, tools, frameworks, OS's and databases.

The IT Organization was very reactive and needed to be proactive in order to reduce business outages that contributed to higher operating costs and impacted customer orders.


The IT Infrastructure Organization had implemented ServiceNow, but had not done much the platform. Since ServiceNow was a leading service management platform, IT executives made a strategic decision to leverage the ServiceNow platform and provide as much meta information as possible.

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The challenge was that the Service Delivery Team had little experience with the ServiceNow Platform. The team was familiar with the basic operation of the platform, but lacked the knowledge to build, extend and maintain the platform.

The other challenge was information. The CMDB contained very little meta information about the 2000+ applications operating in the IT environments.


The client selected Full On Consulting to help them start their journey with ServiceNow They selected Full On Consulting due to our ServiceNow experience, iterative implementation approach, project and change management expertise.

Full On Consulting worked with the client to identify 40 business critical applications with varying application architectures. Initially focusing on these applications would provide a variety of CMDB implementations which would help the the client Team understand how to build service maps.

Full On Consulting also leveraged information from the Application Rationalization Program, which contained technical information about the 2000+ applications in the portfolio.

The project implementation consisted of 7 sprints. The client's infrastructure teams and the Full On Consulting Team worked together to gather the technical information, implement discovery processes, build service maps and deploy to production.

The Full On Consulting Team also provided guidance on how to maintain service maps moving forward, as well as communicating new technial documentation requirements for to the project delivery teams. Several knowledge transfer sessions were conducted to ensure the client's IT Team understood how to create and maintain service maps.


The IT Infrastructure Organziation was on it's way to proactively support the company. The project implemented 38 service maps for business critical applications. The IT delivery process was enhanced and communicated.

THe currency of the OS's, databases, servers and middleware were now understood. IT could proactively assess security risks, outdated applications and technologies, and understand the impact if a component or process failed for a given application.

The IT executives achieved their goal of leveraging ServiceNow so that IT could prevent business disruptions and better serve the organization.


Don, thank you for keeping this project on track and delivering the project while experencing the technical discovery challenges across our environments. The client has just started to embrace and implement service management and you help set the foundation for us moving forward. The successful completion of this project allows us to document the currency of our operations systems (OS's), applications, tools and hardware. Understinding the expiration dates of our infrastructure will allow us to mitigate risk and help our Run Services Teams better maintain their applications. THANK YOU!!

Mark I.
Vice President, Infrastructure


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